Why people choose the Cosmic Ceilings?

Having fun whilst developing a glow in the dark star ceiling, seeing a child’s face light up and then being well compensated for your efforts is among the best ways of creating money anywhere in the world A glow in the dark Stars ceiling is a ceiling upon which particular effects like the Milky Way, stars, gas clouds, galaxies, constellations, shooting stars etc. have been created using specialized paints, materials and equipment. The awesome thing about them though, is that the effects remain invisible during the day. It is only when the room is in darkness the ceiling comes to life subsequently, it is like the roof was removed from the home and you are staring up at a perfectly clear night time skies. Everyone finds the impact spellbinding and their initial reaction on seeing the final result.

Star Ceiling

You can get up and running by spending as little as 200USD 100GBP. This would let you buy a manual/DVD/training program plus all the essential equipment and materials to begin. You did then have everything you would have to go out and do your first few jobs. By finishing 1 or two ceilings you would recoup your initial investment the marketplace is vast. You could see virtually every home as a possible customer. Although the majority of your time could be spent producing the effects on Childrens bedroom ceilings many adults will ask you to make one of these amazing ceilings for them also. Once you are up and running the overheads is then quite low. The only continuing cost is the paint supply and though the paints are more costly than standard paints you are simply using small amounts. Thus, a little goes a long way.

The profit margin on a star ceiling is extremely high. For a normal ceiling of state 12ft x 12ft you did expect to charge around 250USD 150GBP and you did only use about 12USD 7GBP worth of stuff in the most. You do not have to Wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your money. You always get paid on completion of the job and your cash flow is positive from the word go. There is no doubt that this is an enjoyable business to operate. You set yourself up, plug in your radio, CD player or iPod and listen to your favorite songs for a few hours or so whilst creating another masterpiece. Then you show your production to a satisfied client and get paid very handsomely for your efforts. There are not many jobs that could provide you such immense satisfaction. A cosmic glow at the Dark stars ceilings company ticks everyone these boxes.