Get the Music Easily at Mp3 Sites

mp3 juice To play your favorite singles and albums, you had to first convert your audio compact disc to the mp3 or a similar format so as to play your favourite music onto your own portable digital player. While that is still the preferred method for many music fans who like to buy music CDs and play their songs on the move in a mobile format, there was an increase of Internet downloads of audio in digitized form in the decade prior to this, Mp3juices being the most famous and formerly notorious example. The music industry has recognized the potential of music in addition to the notoriety. Sales of audio CDs have diminished through time and music fans prefer to get their music online. They also have centers of sharing their music with their friends through Bluetooth and infrared devices or even emailing mp3 files to one another.

All this is not bad, taking into consideration the rise of online radio stations. Rather than relying on a radio stations on your AM or FM player, now you can listen to music of your choice. Type the keywords in your favorite search engine and you are sure to encounter one, or even more Internet radio stations that play with blues music and red music. Additionally, there are social networking sites such as mp3 juice where musicians create their own profiles to upload their songs that they enable you to listen online at no cost or download for a tiny price per song. Alternative rockers such as Radiohead caused a storm by allowing fans to download their new album, In Rainbows, on their own site for so much of a cost as they want to for the first week after its launch. 66 percent of downloads in the first week were free of charge. Radiohead did go on to create a record that is commercially successful. All this occurred and then many artists release their albums and singles on their own sites, and on a few reputed sites for a fee like one per song.

This should not disappoint music lovers too much but do not wish to resort to piracy. An online connection is much more affordable today, in addition to, a lot more accessible. There are sites that let you play your music. However, if you are always hooked to your notebook or netbook or cellular phone, this sort of music listening will definitely satisfy your requirements and show respect to the artists.