Not all companies necessarily have large volumes of mail and therefore rarely need to use a carrier. Nevertheless, as a professional, it is possible to benefit from advantageous rates, even if you send only a few parcels (type document or cardboard of small and average size) from time to time. For this, some providers offer offers dedicated to businesses that allow them to benefit from upgradeable discounts up to 45% discount and have many advantages: the single billing at the end of the month to facilitate accounting management, traceability time real to track the delivery of packages, collections tailored to the specificities of each company (collection, collection or deposit agency), dedicated web interface, etc.


To facilitate the management of shipments, also choose a provider offering you the ability to edit your transport slips and plan your shipments via a web platform. This will be a real time-saver daily! More and more carriers are even on time with smart phones with applications to tracking your shipments.

local parcel delivery service

Here again, the majority of carriers offer solutions for companies that need to ship large parcels. The vice, in this case, is to appeal to several carriers and choose the one that is the most advantageous depending on the package that you want to ship. Alas, this is not necessarily the best way to save money. local parcel delivery service Singapore is very cheaply

It is better to use only one or two providers with whom we have privileged relationships. In this we mean, a dedicated account manager with whom you can exchange according to your needs, but also with whom you can negotiate your rates. In case of a complaint, it is also the loyalty that pays with customer services optimized for their best customers.